10 small changes in your lifestyle that will help you lose weight

10 small changes in your lifestyle that will help you lose weight

The basis of any healthy weight loss is ensuring a balanced diet and regular physical exercisebut also in these 10 simple habits which we will discuss in detail below and with which you can lose weight practically without realizing it and without effort. Note.

10 Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight Without Realizing It

These simple habits which we detail below and which you can easily incorporate into your daily life, will help you reach a healthy weight with virtually no effort. Note.

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1. Eat slowly

There is evidence and studies that suggest how eating slowly helps you feel fuller faster and longer, while also leading to consume smaller amounts at meals.

A general recommendation to eat consciously and slowly is to chew in between 30 and 50 times each bite to ensure proper chewing. A very simple gesture that will make it easier for us to reduce our daily calorie intake.

2. Drink cold water

Water is essential for maintaining good overall health and can also be helpful for weight loss. After all, it’s still a question a drink without calories and sugarunlike other drinks or soft drinks, so it can help reduce overall calorie consumption as well as promote satiety.

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On the other hand, some studies suggest that drinking cold water temporarily increases the body’s energy output because it the body needs to heat the water at body temperature.

All this also helps with digestion, which is necessary for humans proper functioning of the digestive system as well as reducing fluid retention. Experts recommend drinking in between 10 and 12 glasses a dayan amount corresponding to approximately 3 liters.

3. Turn off the TV while eating

According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and after reviewing more than 24 different studies, it supports that multitasking while eating, such as watching TV, checking social media or even working, can increase the number of calories we take in.

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In this study it was found differences of up to 50 calories between those who eat while watching TV and those who simply concentrate on eating.

4. Sleep more hours

Another study, in this case by a company JAMA Internal Medicine in the United States, shows how those people who sleep less than 6 and a half hours they enjoy at night 270 to 400 extra calories than those who manage to rest quietly for 8 and a half hours.

5. Eat five meals a day

Although this may be one of the most famous tricks and may seem the easiest to follow, the reality is that eating these 5 meals a day they feed us to the next meal and thereby consume fewer calories and avoid snacking between meals.

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6. Add fruits and vegetables to your meals

Fruits and vegetables are foods that, in addition to hydration, water and vitamins, also help fill you up, so they are another perfect ally to include in balanced and healthy diet and also keys to weight loss.

These types of food help reduce the caloric density of meals and at the same time guarantee us a feeling of satisfaction. In addition, it is important to note that the fruit is great source of natural sugars highly beneficial for health, which can also calm the sweet tooth.

7. Eat from small plates.

A gesture as simple as eating smaller plates with a matching portion (without downsizing) will make you look like you’re eating more. A little mind trick, isn’t it prolongs the feeling of satiety and it will also help reduce pecking between meals.

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In this way, we consume the same calories and amount, but feeling like I ate more.

8. Cook at home

We know that cooking at home takes time and patience, but the truth is that cooking at home can also be an ally in losing weight. Just stop and read the ingredient labels of the many foods that can be bought ready-made and that are not in short supply additives, flavor enhancers and excess salt.

A number of ingredients that give the dish a better taste, but also more calories and unhealthy ingredients. So nothing better than we cook our own meals to ensure that the ingredients we consume are of high quality.

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9. Opt for an early and light dinner

An early and light dinner can be a useful strategy if you want to lose weight mainly because of the calorie control it guarantees. And it just so happens that eating dinner early means not eating right before bed, so there’s that less likely to consume excess calories before sleep. Since calories are burned more slowly the later we eat, there is a risk that excess calories will accumulate as fat.

It also guarantees better digestion, as digestion during sleep can affect the quality of sleep. On the other hand, if dinner is light and balanced, then yes less likely to experience late-night cravings and helps keep your appetite under control.

10. Stay active

The best way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume, so we can think of no better way than leave a sedentary lifestyle and bets on an active lifestyle.

There are countless ways to stay active, e.g go for a walk, run, go to the gym, dance, play paddle tennis… You will simply have to choose the one you like the most.

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