A powerful fruit that cares for the skin, helps with weight loss and supports digestion

Pineapple has several properties that benefit the body.

Health professionals currently recommend several foods to help you lose weight naturally, among which pineapple stands out. In addition, daily consumption of this fruit is crucial for taking care of the digestive system.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating at least 400 grams of it to reap its health benefits.

“Eating fruit helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and cancer. Pineapple is a fruit with many properties and is known for its benefits when it comes to weight loss.” specified by the health entity.

In the same way, this food helps to regulate intestinal passage, as it is an important source of water and fiber, components that allow the removal of toxins and help eliminate excess fat.

Pineapple has several properties that benefit the body.
Pineapple has several properties that benefit the body. – Photo: Getty Images / Liudmila Chernetska

According to the official Sura blog, pineapple helps eliminate parasites from the body, thanks to the high amount of bromelain it contains. In addition, he specified that it is a strong diuretic.

“The fiber of this fruit does not dissolve in water during digestion, rather, it accompanies processed food, which accelerates its passage through the stomach and intestines. Bromelain (a set of enzymes present in pineapple) promotes the elimination of parasites and microorganisms.”originally stated.

Then he added: “Pineapple is a powerful diuretic, so it makes you urinate a lot and cleanses your body of substances that affect your health. Thanks to fluid elimination and improved digestion, you can lose weight more easily without having to stop supplying the body with vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B6 (pyridoxine). present in this fruit.

A well-known insurer’s blog also pointed out that pineapple is quite useful for skin care as it prevents premature aging because it is mainly made up of water.

Lose weight
Pineapple helps to lose weight. – Photo: Getty Images

“It hydrates you and promotes the removal of dead cells. Likewise, because it nourishes the connective tissue, i.e. the blood vessels of the skin, it prevents premature aging and helps you to have a better physical appearance, which is essential for your well-being. concluded.

té de piña
Pineapple tea also has several properties. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Other benefits of pineapple

Pineapple is a rich source of flavonoids, which play an important role in the fight against oxidative stress in the body. It is also rich in phenols, so it can provide a good source of antioxidants.

This fruit is rich in vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) and consuming it daily can help reduce disease and boost the immune system by accelerating the activity of white blood cells in the body.

This fruit helps in skin care. – Photo: sxc.hu

The digestive system is not the only one that benefits from the healing properties of bromelain. Research published in Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism he showed it “Children who eat pineapple are more protected against infections caused by viruses and bacteria because they have more white blood cells in their bodies.”

On the other hand, an article in a medical journal Live claimed that children with sinus infections recovered more quickly after taking bromelain. The researchers attributed these results to the stimulation of the immune response when consuming this substance present in this tropical fruit.

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