Exercise as a health issue

Exercise as a health issue

Felipe Isidro, Physical Education Specialist: “Physical exercise should always be adapted to the possibilities of time and space and the physical characteristics of each person, because it is really important to develop the habit of daily exercise.body”

We spend our lives searching for the elixir of eternal youth that makes us feel eternally stronger, healthier, more agile, younger and energized when the path to that youth is coupled with healthy lifestyle choices. To do this, it is necessary to step away from temporary solutions and choose a safe path, the philosophy of which is to take care of ourselves inside and out by creating new habits such as good diet, taking care of our mental health and our relationships and exercise. ..

In this sense, the World Health Organization recommends a goal of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. However, getting 2 and a half hours out of a total of 168 hours per week is an impossible task for many. In fact, one in four people do not meet the target suggested by the WHO, especially those who suffer from chronic diseases or who are not used to exercise.

However, a new study1led by Soren Brag of the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine and published by the journal British Journal of Sports Medicine, adds optimism to the situation, confirming that 75 minutes of moderate exercise per week could prevent one in ten premature deaths. In this line, Felipe Isidro, professor of physical education and international head of the physical activity department of PronoKal®states: “Let’s assume that the ideal exercise is “the one that is done”. But if we manage to make this exercise more efficient, even better2.

The same study reports that the more time you spend exercising, the greater the beneficial effect on health. Compared to sedentary adults, those who meet the 150-minute recommendation are 31% less likely to die prematurely from any cause and 29% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.3.

Bet on an active life

Despite their significant benefits, lack of motivation and time are still barriers to engaging in physical activity and ultimately lead to a sedentary lifestyle. You can get out of this situation with small advances like those suggested by expert PronoKal®Philip Isidro:In order for an unaccustomed person to include in his habits of performing the minimum effective dose of muscle exercise physical performance, we can start with simple exercises where we use our own body weight, or rubber bands or small dumbbellsand it can be done at home and in a short time“.

In addition to the importance of time spent, the key is to be consistent and progress in both exercise and activity time. “For people who are not used to it, it should be started for a very short time a day (10-15 minutes) with an initial frequency of two to three times a week. From there, it is important to add weekly frequency (up to 5-6 times a week) and later gradually add as many minutes a day as possible. In any case, it must always be adapted to the possibilities of time and space and to the physical characteristics of each person, from the really important thing is to get into the habit of exercising daily2”, declares Felipe Isidro.

Exercise to achieve a healthy weight

Before starting work, it is important to clarify what we want to achieve with the exercise: get stronger, gain muscle, lose weight. If the object to be attained is the latter, “physical activity and exercise are essential tools for weight loss” reveals Felipe Isidro. Although it will be necessary for a physical activity expert to evaluate the person’s condition, for cases of weight loss strength exercises because they succeed in improving a person’s health and physical fitness.

These exercises cause wear and tear on the muscle, showing up mostly in the form of laces. The peculiarity is that while the muscle is recovering, the body continues to burn calories. In this way, calories are consumed by muscle consumption both during physical activity and during recovery.

In the case of those people who are in the process of losing weight with PronoKal®method based on a multidisciplinary approach, you will start to notice results from the first weeks: “Science has proven that multidisciplinary obesity treatment is the most successful treatment. [.] And PronoKal® we carry out an individual prescription of physical activity adapted to the needs and possibilities of each person” explains Felipe Isidro.

The PronoKal method® It is based on a low-fat ketogenic diet and its foods that contain the amount of protein the body needs daily. The treatment helps to achieve a healthy weight, lose fat and maintain muscle mass. It is described in detail by the scientific study of CetoPNK, which concluded that with the PronoKal method®95% of the weight lost is fat.

In addition to weight loss, also PronoKal® supports and encourages change in habits to improve the quality of life of its patients. It does so by considering different areas such as nutrition, medical advice, physical activity, but also treating patients from a behavioral point of view, working with a specialized coach. All this with the aim of living better and achieving full well-being.

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